Telegram adds Group Video Calls Support, Animated Backgrounds in new update

Telegram, immediately got well known after WhatsApp pursued into issues its new Privacy Policy update recently. While the adversary offered various highlights, making it perhaps the most pressed informing administrations out there, it actually needed one significant component that WhatsApp had – Group Video Calls.

Telegram has introduced group video calls — longer than a year after at first reporting its appearance. Clients across cell phones, tablets, and work areas can use the update to change their gathering audio chats into video conference calls. Check out all the new features here.

Group video calls on Telegram

Group video calls

The most important change that Telegram brings is that users can now make full-screen video calls on the app or the Telegram Web platform. To start group video calls users need to tap the camera icon in a group to switch the audio call to video call, and also we can pin a member in the group to see their video on front. It also allows us to share our screen and even both the camera feed and screen at the same time. The feature competes with other video conferencing tools like Google Meet, and Zoom by adding features like tablet support and noise suppression.

On desktop and tablet, the video call will appear in a split-screen view of video grid with all the list of participants. It also allow users to do other things without minimizing the video call by opening the video call in a separate window. The video call screen will be optimised for both portrait and landscape orientation.

Like share a particular screen in Zoom on desktop, Telegram allows users to share a particular screen during their group video calls, instead of showing the entire screen to the participants. It allows users to make a group voice call to an ultimate number of participants, but currently, the first 30 people can only join in a group video call. A person can add only 29 members to a group video call. Telegram said that they will increase that limit soon.

Animated backgrounds, message animations on Telegram

Animated backgrounds, message animations

Telegram has also added some additional changes to the UI. It has animated backgrounds that have multi-color gradient wallpapers. These wallpapers are generated algorithmically which moves each time when we send a message. It also allows users to create their own animated background by selecting multiple colors. There is an additional feature that allows us to share our background with our friends in contact.

There is also a new message animation for text messages, emojis, and stickers. Telegram has released a new tool for developers that allows users to create their own stricks and they can import them into the telegram app.

These new features will come in an app update from Play Store or the App Store and the features will receive soon for those who already did it.

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