Indian Railway’s Objective Questions with Answers for all RRB Exam

1. How many zones are there in Indian Railways?

a. 16
b. 18
c. 20
d. 22

Answer: (a) 16

2. Where was the first Metro Rail started in India?

a. New Delhi
b. Mumbai
c. Kolkata
d. Hyderabad

Answer: (c) Kolkata

3. Who was the first women Rail minister of India?

a. Susmita Mishra
b. Sonia Gandhi
c. Indra Gandhi
d. Mamata Banarjee

Answer: (d) Mamata Banarjee

4. Which country has the longest railway network?

a. China
b. United States
c. India
d. Nepal

Answer: (b) United States

5. Which Railway station has longest platform in India?

a. Gorakhpur Railway Station
b. Howrah Railway Station
c. Bhubaneswar Railway Station
d. Kharagpur Railway Station

Answer:(a) Gorakhpur Railway Station

6. Who is the Metro Man of India?

a. Elattuvalapil Sreedharan
b. Ramesh Mishra
c. Sumay Roy
d. Himanshu Pradhan

Answer: (a) Elattuvalapil Sreedharan

7. Which country has the first Railway?

a. UK
b. Russia
c. India
d. USA

Answer: (a) UK

8. First private Train in India?

a. Tejas Express
b. Utkal Express
c. Duranto Express
d. None of these

Answer: (a) Tejas Express

9. When was the first train started in India?

a. 1804
b. 1834
c. 1853
d. 1886

Answer: (c) 1853

10. The largest Integral Coach Factory in India is located at?

a. Chennai
b. Mumbai
c. Kolkata
d. Hydrabad

Answer: (a) Chennai

11. Which is the oldest Railway zone in India?

a. East Central Railway
b. South East Central Railway
c. Southern Railway
d. None of these

Answer: (c) Southern Railway

12. When was the first underground Railway (Metro Railway) started in India?

a. 1940
b. 1984
c. 1998
d. 2000

Answer: (b) 1984

13. The longest Rail journey in the world is between?

a. Shanghai to Lhasa
b. Bhubaneswar to New Delhi
c. Toronto to Vancouver
d. Moscow and Vladivostok

Answer: (d) Moscow and Vladivostok

14. Which is the fastest train in India 2020?

a. Vande Bharat Express
b. Mahamana express
c. Shatabdi express
d. Duronto express

Answer: (a) Vande Bharat Express

15. Which is the slowest Train in India?

a. Nilgiri express
b. Taj express
c. Duranto express
d. Life line express

Answer: (a) Nilgiri express

16. The first Indian Railway line was opened by the British

a. Delhi to Bombay

b. Howrah to Mumbai

c. Bombay to Thane

d. Puri to Delhi 

Answer: (c) Bombay to Thane

17. A station where the rail lines end, is called?

a. Terminal station
b. Junction Station
c. Block Station
d. Way-side-station

Answer: (a) Terminal station

18. How much distance was traveled by first Train of India?

a. 30 km
b. 34 km
c. 40 km
d. 44 km

Answer: (b) 34 km

19. The headquarters of Northern Railway is at?

a. New Delhi
b. Mumbai
c. Kolkata
d. Hydrabad

Answer: (a) New Delhi

20. Which train in India has the longest route length?

a. Howrah – Jammu Tawi Himgiri Express
b. Kanyakumari – Jammu Tawi Himsagar
c. Kanyakumari – Dibrugarh Vivek Express
d. Guwahati-Thiruvanthapuram Express

Answer: (c) Kanyakumari – Dibrugarh Vivek Express

21. Where is the Railway Staff College located?

a. Pune
b. Delhi
c. Vadodara
d. Ranchi

Answer: (c) Vadodara

21. Which of the following Railway tunnel in India is the longest?

a. Pir Panjal Tunnel
b. ChenaniNashri Tunnel
c. Parsik tunne
d. None of these

Answer: (a) Pir Panjal Tunnel

22. In which city, Railway coaches are manufactured?

a. Kapurthala
b. Mumbai
c. Kolkata
d. Hydrabad

Answer:(a) Kapurthala

23. Who of the following was the first Railway Minister of independent India?

a. Susmita Mishra
b. Indra Gandhi
c. John Mathai
d. Mamata Banarjee

Answer: (c) John Mathai

24. Which famous Railway station has been renamed Deen Dayal Upadhyay Nagar railway station?

a. Hazrat Nizamuddin
b. Mughalsarai
c. Patna
d. Hydrabad

Answer: (b) Mughalsarai

25. When was first electric Train started in India?

a. 1920
b. 1925
c. 1930
d. 1935

Answer: (b) 1925

26. The headquarters of South Railways is situated at where?

a. Delhi
b. Chennai
c. Mumbai
d. Kolkata

Answer: (b) Chennai

27. Which is the longest Rail route in India?

a. Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari
b. Mangalore to Jammu
c. Tirunelveli Jammu
d. None of these

Answer: (a) Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari

28. The largest National enterprise of India is?

a. Indian Railway
b. Indian Shipyard
c. Airways
d. None of these

Answer: (a) Indian Railway

29. What is the slogan of Indian railways?

a. India’s national railway system
b. Railways & Peasants
c. Lifeline of the Nation
d. None of these

Answer: (c) Lifeline of the Nation

30. Who was the first female loco Pilot in India?

a. Surekha yadav
b. Roze Millian Bethew
c. Puneeta Arora
d. Sushama Chawala

Answer: (a) Surekha yadav

31. What is the full form of IRCTC?

a. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation
b. Indian Railway Corporation and Tourism Corporation
c. Indian Railway Catering and Tourist Corporation
d. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Counsil

Answer: (a) Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation

32. Which of the following is fully unreserved superfast Train?

a. Antyodaya Express
b. Humsafar Express
c. Garib Rath Express
d. None of these

Answer: (a) Antyodaya Express

33. Who presented the first Railway budget of Independent India?

a. John Mathai
b. Shanmukham Chetty
c. Lalu Prasad Yadav
d. None of these

Answer: (a) John Mathai

34. Which of the following has been declared the World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1999?

a. Konkana railways
b. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
c. Chhatrapati shivaji terminal
d. Delhi railway station

Answer: (b) Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

35. When was first Rail budget presented in India?

a. 1947 November
b. 1948 December
c. 1950 January
d. 1952 November

Answer: (a) 1947 November

36. Gorakhpur which has the longest Railway platform in the world is located in which of the following states?

a. West Bengal
b. Odisha
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Uttar Pradesh

Answer: (d) Uttar Pradesh

37. In which of the following cities is the National Rail Museum located?

a. New Delhi
b. Mumbai
c. Kolkata
d. Bhubaneswar

Answer: (a) New Delhi

38. Between which of the destination the first Indian Train was started?

a. Pune to Delhi
b. Ranch to Delhi
c. Mumbai to Kolkata
d. Mumbai to Thane

Answer: (d) Mumbai to Thane

39. The headquarters of North-Eastern railway is situated at where?

a. Mumbai
b. Guwahati
c. Gorakhpur
d. New Delhi

Answer: (c) Gorakhpur

40. In which of the following cities, the first subway Train was started?

a. Mumbai
b. Chennai
c. Kolkata
d. Delhi

Answer: (c) Kolkata

41. Which is the shortest station name in Indian Railways?

a. Pune
b. BBS
c. Ib
d. RNC

Answer: (c) Ib

42. Diesel locomotives are built in?

a. Varanasi
b. Pune
c. Ranchi
d. Jamshedpur

Answer: (a) Varanasi

43. Which railway station is located at the highest altitude in India?

a. Simla
b. Ghum
c. Otty
d. Kalka

Answer: (b) Ghum

44. Which zone operates the DarjeelingHimalayan Railway?

a. Northeast Frontier Railway
b. North Eastern Railway
c. East Central Railway
d. Eastern Railway

Answer: (a) Northeast Frontier Railway

45. The Bandhan Express is an international passenger Train which runs between the India and Which country?

a. Bangladesh
b. Nepal
c. China
d. Bhutan

Answer: (a) Bangladesh

46. Where is head quarter of Indian Railway ” RAIL BHAWAN” situated?

a. Kolkata
b. New Delhi
c. Patna
d. Mumbai

Answer: (b) New Delhi

47. PNR stands for

a. Passenger Name Record
b. Passenger Name Recerved
c. Person Name Record
d. None of these

Answer: (a) Passenger Name Record

48. UTS Stands for

a. Unreserved Ticketing System
b. Unreserved Ticketing Software
c. Unreserved Tocken System
d. None of these

Answer: (a) Unreserved Ticketing System

49. UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) is a mobile app developed by

c. C-DAC
d. None of these

Answer: (b) CRIS

50. On which year the first Train in India was started?

a. 16 April 1853
b. 16 April 1851
c. 16 April 1855
d. None of these

Answer: (a) 16 April 1853

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