How to make money with your programming skills

In this article, we have collected the five ways that you can make money online from home with your programming skills without getting a job. This is important because I know a lot of people aren’t able to get a job right now, it’s very difficult with all the covid19 stuff is going on you might not be able to get one locally, maybe you don’t have enough experience, or maybe you’re only 15 or 16 years old, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to use your programming skills to make money. These method has made a tremendous amount of money over the years for many people.

  • Freelancing
  • Tutoring
  • Sharing Knowledge Online
  • Start a Business
  • Helping Small Businesses


The first method in make money programming is probably the most obvious and the most talked about in terms of making money without getting a job and that is simply freelancing and the reason I am bringing this up is that freelancing is such a great opportunity to take whatever skillset you have and be able to get paid to use those programming skills it doesn’t matter what you are good at, if you are good at one specific thing there is probably someone willing to pay you to do that thing.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at freelance. Just please don’t go in with the misconception that you need to a pro web designer or you need to be good at making or games or you need to be good at scripting and writing algorithms that do not matter whatever if you are someone who’s kind of lower-cost you don’t have a ton of experience you might even get more clients because people want the cheaper price for what you can do,

so what I will say is that you can freelance doing anything you want you can build a website for a company or you can make a little script and finish someone’s homework, it doesn’t matter what skill you have if you know how to program in any capacity, so long as you can market that skill correctly you will be able to get clients and you will be able to make money doing freelancing.


Tutoring is really a great way to make money and the nice thing is that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can definitely be a tutor. I went to my computer science teacher and I said, I am starting to tutor if you have any kids that are struggling in programming, I am available, here is my number you can refer them to me and sure enough he did and that is how I picked up a bunch of clients as well, then once you pick up some clients word-of-mouth is really powerful if you are a good tutor and you are doing a good job and of course you can go online and you can even sign up on Udemy, Fiverr, and other websites and be a tutor it is just something that is really easy and if you actually get better at it and started teaching some more advanced concepts you can make a lot of money.

I would highly recommend you at least consider it because it really is a great way to use your programming skills and make money from it.

Sharing knowledge online

It is simply sharing your knowledge online. You can do this in any way, this could be a YouTube, Article, Blog Post, Website, Twitter, Linkedin, it could be anything. It does not matter how you share your knowledge in what form you do it but please do because if you don’t you are missing out on a tremendous opportunities, now what I mean by this is not that I am trying to tell you that you are gonna make a ton of money by hosting ads on your blog or hosting ads on your YouTube channel. The reality is to make any money from ads you have to have hundreds and thousands of people following you or hundreds and thousands of people watching and engaging with your content.

It is not a great way to make money is by hosting ads on certain sites, what I am trying to tell you to do though is share your knowledge because when you do that you open people up to seeing you to finding you on the internet and if you can have some kind of presence where someone even if it is once a month finds out who you are, sees your content and maybe decides to email you or ask you a question you have now just potentially built a new connection or potentially gained a new clients or gained some new work.

That is what this method is all about not directly making money from the source of sharing information but making money from people finding you because of that information and contacting you to do things for them.

Start a Business

This is probably the most difficult on this list but also probably the most lucrative if you are able to actually make this work. This is going to be to start a business or to build some kind of product or service that you can sell, now the best examples I can give is, you can look at Facebook, look at Google, look at a lot of these large tech companies most of them started because one person or a small team of people decided that, I am good at programming, I want to build this and people will use it, that is all really is.

Look at a lot of the apps you use today, look at a lot of products you use, a lot of these things were not started especially in tech. To be these massive huge businesses a lot of them were started because someone wanted to build something cooler they wanted to start their own business or build a product with the skills they have.

Now, this is very challenging not only do you have to be good at program and you have to understand business if you want to make any money doing something like this but the great thing with programming is that you are automatically just an entrepreneur you can build whatever you want and go ahead and sell it you can make some crappy little app on the App store. If you have some good idea or you have something that you want to build, just build it and then try to sell it right, put it on the App Store, run some ads on it, make some service that maybe you can sell to a company.

If you know to program immediately you can become a business owner because you can make your own business. If you have the skills already to be able to start a business and something successful that you can do by yourself, just do it, that is my point.

Helping Small businesses

Helping small businesses by providing technological solutions providing some kind of coding or automated solutions. What I mean by this is essentially going to some local business, some small shops, someplace that the owners probably aren’t very technologically advanced, they probably don’t know how to set up a website or they probably wouldn’t even go ahead and seek that assistance. Going to one of these places identifying a problem and then pitching a solution for it.

The most classic example is like going to a really small shop and saying, I noticed you don’t have a website. It is 20/21 you need a website. I can make you one that looks better than other shopping websites and that is gonna drive so much more traffic to your place. That is a really good example of something that you can do.

That is a really good way to make money, go to a local business, identify a problem, pitch a solution, charge something that makes sense, and explain to them why they’ll make their money back from the solution that you have pitching to them. Ask your family and friends and find a few people that have small businesses and then build a new website or improve their existing website for them and if you do that for free then you get a few real-world projects.


Please let me know in the comment down below which one was your favorite if you have been doing any of these and if you have had success.

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