How to Find the Wi-Fi Password Using CMD in Windows?

If we forget our Wi-Fi password and it is very difficult and painful to reset our Wi-Fi password because most of our devices and system are connected with that password in our home, if we change the password then we need to change that in our devices and system.

There is an alternative way to recover our old password instead of changing it. If you have connected your Wi-Fi to your windows it will keep a record of all our networks and their passwords, so we don’t need to type the password every time while connecting with that network.

To recover the old password of our Wi-Fi, there are certain Windows Command Prompt(CMD) ‘netsh‘ commands. Follow these steps,

Step 1: Go to the start menu and search for CMD and right click on it and run it as Administrator.

Step 2: Type “netsh wlan show profile” in the command prompt and press enter, this command will display all the list of network names that we connected with our PC. Note down the name of the Wi-Fi network that you need to find,

Step 3: Type “netsh wlan show profile Wi-Fi_name key=clear”, replace Wi-Fi_name with the Wi-Fi network name that you have already taken a note of.

Step 4: Scroll down and you will find the Key Content under Security Settings, there you will find your old Wi-Fi password.

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