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Certificates can motivate learners to complete online courses. When the modern online course movement began, platforms like Coursera and edX offered free certificates. But by 2015, these had largely been replaced by paid ones.

Fortunately, universities like Harvard and Stanford still offer some free certificates. And so do platforms like FutureLearn and LinkedIn Learning. Finally, companies like Google and Microsoft also started offering free certificates to promote their products.

Free certificates can be hard to find. So we compiled them all here, testing each platform, and earning a few certificates ourselves along the way. We’ve spent 60+ hours on this article, and we’ll continue to update it as new offers appear.

If you know a free certificate not listed here, please share it in the comments.

While Coursera and edX are not currently offering free certificates, you can learn from almost all of their courses for free.

How to apply

  1. Click on the below “course link” button, you will redirected to the official page
  2. if you have not registered before, please create new account
  3. After registration, search with the course
  4. you can apply to any course and start learning for free certificate
  5. After completion of course , you will get certificate
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