Check your PC whether it can run Windows 11 or not by using Microsoft PC Health Check tool

Many windows users are downloading Microsoft PC health checker to check whether their PC will support Windows 11 because Windows 11 is better, fancier, and prettier than windows 10. The PC health checker tool is not been very informative. Previously, the PC health checker just simply tells users that they cannot run Windows 11 on their PC without giving them any reason. But now Microsoft has updated the PC Health checker tool to give better clarity on why their PC is not compatible with Windows 11.

Now the PC Health Check tool will give many different reasons on why your PC cannot run Windows 11, this gives a big relief to Windows users by saying a pass or fail message after checking the Microsoft PC Health Check tool.

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Common reasons why your PC can’t run Windows 11

Some of the common reasons why your PC can’t run Windows 11 include,

  • Unavailability of Secure Boot,
  • Unsupported security,
  • old processor

The unsupported security is causing the maximum problem because Windows 11 require a TPM 2.0 to be enabled on the computer. TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module(TPM). The most recent laptops and computers support TPM 2.0, and the security module is not turned on by default, that is why people are forced to go deep into the BIOS settings to make their changes in their PC.

In Windows 11 the PC Helth checker tool will tell you if the PC is low on RAM or storage, or if the secure boot for the computer is not enabled, or if it needs to enable TPM 2.0. In some cases it involving an unsupported processor. Some users are saying that the PC Helth checker tool is just telling that ‘the processor isn’t supported’.

Microsoft is not saying any reason in the PC Helth checker tool why a processor is not supported. If you want to use Windows 11, don’t buy a new laptop, instead, make some research on your before.

For those who want to use Windows 11, it will be available through Windows Insider Program(Windows 11 will be available as a beta for Insider users).

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