C Comments

Comments makes a program more readable and provide clarity to the C code. Comments are widely used for documenting C code.

In C programming language a comments are statements which are not executed by the compiler. A comments can include any combination of characters and a comments can appear anywhere and it allows white-space character.

There are two types of comments. They are,

  • Single line comment
  • Multi-line comment

Single line comment

Single line comment is used to comment a single line of code. A single line comment starts with double slash(//).


int main()
//This is an example for single line comment
printf("Welcome To C Tutorial");    //This is an printing statement
return 0;  //This is an returning statement


Welcome To C Tutorial

Multi-line comment

Multi-Line comments are used to comment more than one-line of code. Multi-Line comments starts with forward slash and asterisk (/*) and ends with asterisk and forward slash (*/). Everything after the forward slash and asterisk (/*) symbol will be commented until it reaches the asterisk and forward slash (*/) symbol.


int main(){
/* This is an example for
Multi-Line Comment*/
printf("Welcome To C Tutorial");
return 0;


Welcome To C Tutorial

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