About iQOO 7’s Dual Chip technology

The iQOO7’s Dual Chip Monster technology for smartphone which gives more power and it boost the gaming experience in smart phones.

iQOO 3 was launched in Feb 2020 and it has created a waves in the smartphone market. In 2021 the sub brand of global smartphone market “Vivo” has launched its flagship iQOO 7 smartphone in India this month. In the last year they had done extensive research for iQOO 3, based on customers feedback to improve it. They are mainly focused on the gaming experience and its performance.

What is iQOO 7’s Dual Chip technology

The iQOO 7 comes with Dual Chip Monster which is a optimised hardware and software technology. The iQOO 7 contains two chipsets that is, “IRIS 5 Display Chip” and “SD870”.

The IRIS 5 Display Chip boost the visual performance for many popular games by enabling multiple display enhancement features such as real time motion processing engine. This real time motion processing engine increasing the frame rate per second and converts low quality images to HDR level quality images.

Visually smoother gaming experience

iQOO 7’s MEMC(Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) feature increase the frame rate. The MEMC works through intelligent algorithm, which generate intermediate frame between the traditional two frames, it increase the frame rate and brings a visually smoother gaming experience by high frame rate game play and a good looking graphics.

Faster processor

In general, for a software based implementation, the resources are over used, which leads to battery consumption and heating of phone. But in iQOO 7 hardware based implementation helps to reduce load on processor and helps to keep the batter consumption in check and heating of phone. It uses 8-series processor which gives an immersive gaming experience.

Extreme performance

In India on April 26 2021 the iQOO 7 series is launched with 2 variants. The smartphone is powered by Snapdragon 870 5G an 7nm processor and 66W Flash charge technology which combines with 4400mAh battery, that the phone is fully charged in just 30 minutes.

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