7 Chrome Browser Extensions that will Save You Time

7 Chrome Browser Extensions that will Save You Time

If you want to save time? Then these 7 Google chrome extensions are for you! These 7 Google chrome extensions are used for screen recording and text highlighting to currency conversion and color selection. These chrome extensions are absolutely free to use and these browser extensions will make your day easier.

Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

How often have you been wanting to share something with someone else and you know it’d be a lot quicker, For example, Let’s say I’m redesigning my website and I wanna tell my web designer, “change this image here and change the title of this” like that, Do you know how long that would take me to write in an email or include in a text message or a chat? Wouldn’t it be easier.

What if you just sent a quick video recording. Well, that’s where Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder comes into play. All you need to do is just click on Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder Chrome Extension, and start recording. There are a variety of things that we can do with Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder. We can record our desktop, record our webcam if we want, and also we can take screen captures.

Many of you already have a screen capture tool that you like, but this is quick and easy if you want to record a video. All we need to do is just click on Start Recording and pick what we would like to record and click on share, the screen will start recording with a quick countdown, which means we are recording. In the bottom left-hand corner, if you click on the mouse cursor icon, you can select to highlight the mouse. We can also highlight something on the screen.

In the very top right, when we go back to our extension, we can see a counter, so we can see how long that video is lasting. If I select this and hit Stop, we will be redirected to the screenshot page, where we can now preview our video. We can edit it if we like. The other nice bonus is that we can generate a shareable link. So right we can copy that to our clipboard and we can paste it in an email and share it with whoever we want.

Awesome Screenshot also allows you to connect with other popular services, including Slack, Asana and Trello.

Weava Highlighter

Number two on our list also has to do with interacting with things online, and that has to do with highlighting or retaining information for later. How often have you been reviewing a PDF document, or maybe just a website, and saying, oh, this is great? I love this quote here. I’d like to include that may be in my own blog article.

Well, all we need to do is to install Weava Highlighter Google chrome extension. When we have Weava Highlighter installed is we can highlight the section on any website, and we need to give a few color options and now we can start to highlight text directly on any website. We can also give a note for the highlighting text to remind ourselves what that is all about.

Now we can do is go into Weava, and now we can see all of the notes that we’ve collected online, and the notes will be saved along with it as well. The great thing is is that whenever we come back to that particular webpage, our highlights are going to be waiting for us there. So it doesn’t matter if we close this tab, if we refresh the page, as long as we have the Weava extension installed.

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Currency Converter PRO

Number three on our list has to do with something that we use quite often, and that is a currency conversion. So we wanna take a look at Currency Converter PRO. It will be located along with your other extensions, and it’s quick and easy, and you don’t have to open up another tab. We can just enter in a dollar value, and we can select the currencies that we want to convert, and we will get an accurate up-to-date currency conversion.

So if you’re dealing with international customers, if you’re needing to know the true cost of something, if you’re seeing something online, which is not in your own currency, you can easily use this. The other nice thing is that we can actually add multiple currencies as well.

And the great thing is that it’s just always there when you need it. We can quickly save currencies that we use most often.


Now the next extension on our list is Momentum that is gonna help us save time in a slightly different way. When we open up a new tab, we’re often jumping and bouncing around from the variety of different things that we have open at any given time. But after installing Momentum, what happens is when we hit a new tab. Instead of getting the traditional Google page, which is gonna show me some of my more recent apps or my favorite bookmarks, I’m going to get a reminder.

The Momentum Chrome Extension is not just gonna show you the time and give you a greeting and a nice background, which will change throughout the day, but it helps you focus so that you can enter in your number one objective. For example, we might type in something like learning a new programming language. That’s maybe my main focus for today. So every time we open up a new tab, we are gonna be reminded that learning a new programming language is really what we should be doing today.

Momentum is quite beautiful, It’s gonna give us the temperature, and it’s gonna give us a nice motivational message, and we can customize these things as well. But what I really like is that you can have your number one task, or your highest priority always visible here so that you can accomplish it and not get sidetracked by everything else on your day.


The next extension on our list is GetColor. That has to do with colors, especially if you’re ever designing or needing a particular color for a presentation, or a website, or whatever it is that you do. How often have you been trying to impress a client,

For example, if you say to yourself, boy, I’d really like to get this particular green color, ’cause I know they use it all throughout their website, I’d like to add it to my presentation, but how do you figure out exactly what this green is? Well, that’s where the GetColor Extension comes into play.

If we select the GetColor Extension, we can play around and select a variety of different colors, but what I use GetColor most often for is this Pick selection. So if I select Pick, we can notice that there will be a little square beside our cursor. And when we hover over a color, it’s going to grab that color.

GetColor can not only help you save time, but make it so much easier for you to grab the colors that you need anywhere on the web.


Let’s say that you’re following a tutorial, maybe Gmail settings tips tutorials. And one of the frustrating things is that as you follow along with any tutorial, you may need to switch back and forth, right? Someone is showing you how to do something here, but then you’ve gone to a new tab to actually make those changes and follow along.

Well, that’s where the Picture-in-Picture Extension by Google comes into play. Perhaps you are watching a video after installing Picture-in-Picture chrome extension, and you want to follow along as this person. All you need to do is select Picture-in-Picture, and it will take that video and pop it outside.

So now you can go to any tab, you can even go to desktop if you want, and you can hit the play button, and you can start to follow along. As they are making changes there, If you need to resize the window, no problem, you can make it a little bit bigger, and you can make it a little bit smaller. You can hit the pause button if you need to make the changes here quickly, and then come back and hit play and follow along again.

So, Picture-in-Picture can be extremely valuable if you need those YouTube videos on a separate tab or on a separate screen.

Trim for Netflix

Last but not least, our final extension Trim for Netflix, it’s maybe a bit of a fun one, but it helps me save a lot of time, especially if I’m trying to browse and find what I’d like to watch next on Netflix. Everyone is getting really tired of browsing through Netflix, finding things that are actually worth watching. And many people often use a website called IMDB to find their ratings.

The Trim for Netflix extension will give you the IMDB ratings, so you can try to filter out the things that are something that is a bit more interesting, or at least other people find interesting as well.

Maybe you don’t wanna use IMDB, that’s okay. You can also set the Rotten Tomatoes Score here as well, and you can even choose a different date range if you only want to see things that are released after the year 2000, that will filter out things as well.

It has something called a Trim Button. So if there’s a particular category that you don’t want to see here. So for example, Critically Acclaimed Dramas, maybe I don’t wanna see this as an option today. You can hit X button, and it’s going to remove it. So I won’t see it anymore as I browse through these titles.

A bit more of a fun one, but one that helps me save time as we try to find something worth watching here within Netflix.


If you have a favorite Chrome Extension, I would love to hear from you. Perhaps I can feature it in a future article. Be sure to let me know, and share it with others.

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