29th July Current Affairs 2022

1) India has lost how many Tigers in 3 years between 2019 and 2021?
A. 303 tigers
B. 307 tigers
C. 313 tigers
D. 329 tigers
• As per a recent data presented by Union Minister of State for Environment Ashwini Kumar Choubey, India lost 329 tigers in the last three years, between 2019 to 2021.
• These deaths were recorded as 96 tigers in 2019, 106 in 2020 and 127 in 2021. The cause of death mainly included poaching, natural and unnatural causes.
• The data showed that 68 tiger did due to natural causes, 5 died because of unnatural causes, while 29 deaths were attributed to poaching and 30 to ‘seizure’. Death cause of 197 tiger are still under scrutiny.

2) UK government has named a Cricket Ground in Leicester of England after –
A. Sunil Gavaskar
B. Ravi Shastri
C. Anil Kumble
D. Sourav Ganguly
• In honour of the former legendary Indian cricketer, Sunil Gavaskar, the UK government has named a Cricket Ground in Leicester of England after him.
• Sunil Gavaskar himself unveiled the plaque installed in his honour, at the Bhara Sports and Cricket club at Leicester on July 23, 2022.
• The proposal for naming the 5-acre ground after the Indian legend was taken by Keith Vaz, UK’s longest serving Parliamentarian of Indian origin.

3) What is the name of First indigenous aircraft carrier received by Indian Navy?
A. Prabal
B. Airavat
C. Vikrant
D. Vikramaditya
• Indian Navy took the delivery of the country’s first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) ‘Vikrant’ from Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) on July 28, 2022 in Kochi.
• Vikrant has been designed by the Indian Navy’s inhouse Directorate of Naval Design (DND) and built by Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL), Kochi, a Public Sector Shipyard under the Ministry of Shipping (MoS).
• With the delivery of Vikrant, India has joined a select group of nations having the niche capability to indigenously design and build an Aircraft Carrier.

4) Bajram Begaj has took oath as the President of
A. Italy
B. Albania
C. Greece
D. Serbia
• The ninth President of Albania, Bajram Begaj, a retired military commander and politician, took the oath of office here in Parliament.
• The 55-year-old President said in his first speech before parliamentarians that he will support and respect both the work of the government and the opposition, advocating for cooperation between political parties rather than conflict.
• On June 4, 2022, Begaj won the presidential election.
• He served as the head of general staff of the Albanian Armed Forces and was a major general.

5) ONGC has signed an MoU with which company to produce green hydrogen?
A. Adani Group
B. Tata Group
C. Greenko Pvt Ltd
D. NTPC Limited
• Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has signed an MoU with renewable energy company Greenko ZeroC to make green hydrogen and to jointly pursue opportunities in renewables, and other derivatives of green hydrogen.
• Under the partnership, the companies will jointly develop a 1-MMTPA green ammonia production and storage facility in the country for export purposes.
• The activities envisaged under this MoU will contribute toward India’s target of producing 5 million tonnes of Green hydrogen per annum by 2030. This MoU will also act as a stepping stone for ONGC to achieve renewable energy targets as per its Energy Strategy 2040.

6) “International Tiger Day” is observed every year on –
A. 27th July
B. 28th July
C. 29th July
D. 30th July
• International Tiger Day or World Tiger Day is celebrated annually on 29 July to make people aware of the dangers and problems faced by tigers around the globe.
• The decision to recognise this day was taken in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in Russia.
• Tigers are found in only 13 countries of the world, while 70 percent of its tigers are in India only.
• In 1973, Project Tiger was launched in India with a unique plan to save tigers on the planet.
• Theme 2022: “India launches Project Tiger to revive the tiger population”

7) Which Indian state was the highest receiver of FDI Equity Inflow during FY 2021-22?
A. Maharashtra
B. Kerala
C. Tamil Nadu
D. Karnataka
• According to the data by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Singapore has emerged as the top source nation in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) equity flows into India for the financial year 2021-22.
• India received an annual FDI inflows of USD 84,835 million in FY 21-22.
• Top 5 Source Countries: From the overall FDI inflows, 27.01% came from Singapore. It was followed by USA (17.94%), Mauritius (15.98%), Netherland (7.86%) and Switzerland (7.31%) as top 5 source country.

8) Which country has signed an MoU with India to build green hydrogen factory worth $8 billion?
A. Sudan
B. Egypt
C. Israel
D. Palestine
• Egypt has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with an Indian company to build a green hydrogen factory in the Suez Canal Economic Zone.
• The Indian ReNew Power Private Limited will build a factory that will produce 20,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year.
• The total worth of this project is estimated at $8 billion.

9) Sir Winston Churchill Leadership Award was recently presented to which leader?
A. Joe Biden
B. Narendra Modi
C. Volodymyr Zelenskyy
D. Jacinda Ardern
• Winston Churchill Leadership Award was presented to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.
• British Prime Minister Boris Johnson presented the award on July 26, 2022, after comparing Winston Churchill and Zelensky in times of crises.
• Zelenskyy accepted the award by video link during a ceremony at the London office. Boris Johnson was the first Western leader to visit Ukraine after Russia’s invasion.
• The Churchill leadership award was first presented in the year 2006.

10) The largest pink diamond in 300 years named “Lulo Rose”, has been found in –
A. Congo
B. Zambia
C. Namibia
D. Angola

• This rare pink diamond, weighing 34 grams, is thought to be the largest discovered in the last 300 years.
• The 170-carat stone has been named the “Lulo Rose”, after the mine in Angola where it was found.
• It is believed to be the largest pink diamond mined since the 185-carat Daria-i-Noor, which was cut from a larger stone and is now among the Iranian national jewels.
• The Lulo Rose is a type 2a diamond, meaning it has few or no impurities.

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