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15 Best Linux Applications that you must have

There are a ton of Linux applications out there and a good number of them are absolute gems. There are some applications that you unquestionably need to have installed on your system. We have collected the best 15 Linux applications that you love,


RAMBOX is an open-source multi-platform messaging and email application. What makes RAMBOX unique is it supports more than 100 messaging and email services in the free edition, you can WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and many more services all from within one application.

The application is built with professional standards and is no less than official apps in terms of quality and functionality. It is better than the official apps of some services, it is one of those apps that you should just have on your system. RAMBOX is so organized and easy to use.

The tab layout makes using it a pleasure. It is highly secure and it is used by more than 50,000 users. RAMBOX is a multi-platform application available on Linux, Windows, and Mac. The Download Link for the RAMBOX is given below.

14. KODI

KODI is the ultimate entertainment powerhouse. Take a smart TV and multiply its awesomeness by 100 and you will get KODI and it is free. KODI can turn pretty much any screen running any way into a media center, to be clear KODI is not a media provider like Netflix, rather it is a tool that organizes and allows you to play your own media or media from supported third-party services.

You can store your media like music, movies, and TV series on a computer and stream that on all your other devices like your mobile phones and tablets.

The real power of KODI is in its huge library of add-ons, these add-ons are the biggest reason KODI got so famous. There are hundreds of them and the major ones include YouTube and SoundCloud these add-ons greatly enhance what KODI can do by allowing access to vast libraries of media like TV shows and video.

KODI add-ons have great content with many adults offering TV services, movies, and music. Installing these add-ons is easy. The possibilities with KODI are just limitless. You can download and install KODI from the default store on your Linux list.


Stacer is a system cleaner and optimizer built for Linux. Stacer has a straightforward interface, it has a clean dashboard that shows the system status in terms of resource usage. Stacer allows you to scan your computer for different kinds of junk files and clean them.

You can manage the applications that automatically start at bootup from Stacer, which is a great feature if you have a lot of applications running. You can also manage the system services from Stacer.

Stacer also provides you with a minimal yet informative monitor for CPU and memory usage. In my opinion, Stacer is not something that you need every day, but running it to monitor the health of your system and to optimize it once a month is a really good practice. You can download and install Stacer using the link given below.


As a longtime bookworm, I have experimented with a number of software to read books on my PC including some Windows software and I must say Calibre is just a perfect match for me.

Calibre is not just an e-book reader but also a great tool to manage e-books on PC. Calibre supports pretty much any e-book format there is. Calibre has a simple interface or grid font rendering and highly flexible options to customize your reading experience. When you compare paid e-book managers you see that Calibre is on the same level with no price tag though.

Calibre also allows you to design and create e-books, in fact, Calibre is the most powerful tool for e-book creation on Linux and if you need to convert an e-book from one format to another yep Calibre can do that too. Calibre can be installed from your software store.


Time Shift is one of those applications that should come pre-installed on all the Linux distros. Time Shift is the ultimate backup and recovery tool for Linux. Time Shift is so powerful that even if you delete the entire Operating System away you can still restore the whole thing and it will work flawlessly.

Time Shift is very easy to use, using it you can take full snapshots of your system, and then you can restore that snapshot in case something goes wrong with your system. Time Shift can also automatically make daily and weekly backups of your system so that is an added bonus.


If you are running the Gnome desktop environment then Gnome click tool is an absolute must-have. Gnome is the greatest off enrollment which can be customized to a high degree and Gnome Tweak tool makes this customization work easy.

The Tweak tool is extremely powerful and has a wide variety of options that can change the basic working of your desktop. You can modify even the smallest detail of Gnome desktop here. All the options are laid out in an organized manner and even the complexities are represented in an easy-to-understand manner.

You can change the themes, icons, cursors, modify the fonts to your liking, change the keyboard and mouse behavior. The top bar can be reworked from here. The Windows appearance and behaviors can be changed extensively from here. To top it all off the Tweak tool also acts as the extension manager, from here you can manage and adjust all the extensions installed.


There are a number of audio-video additives available for Linux and Kdenlive is number 9 on this list because of its simplicity, while also being power-packed. If you need something simple something that doesn’t need you to watch tons of tutorials on YouTube to edit a simple birthday video and so on.

Kdenlive is not something that just cuts and paste videos together. It is a full-fledged video editor with support for a wide range of video and audio formats. It has a simple multitrack editing setup.

Kdenlive has a pre-built library of many animation effects and transitions that are up-to-date and can be used in professional-grade videos. Kdenlive uses proxy editing, so you can use it on even slightly lower-end computers with generally other editors crash. If you are going to spend a lot of time editing then Kdenlive has a very customizable and t-mobile interface allowing you to make Kdenlive look the way you like.


Synaptic is a software manager that you can install and use on Ubuntu and Debian and the derivatives. If you don’t like the way the software site on Google to looks and if you’re not really into all the snap apps that the store has Synaptics offers you hire control or package management and no snap apps.

Synaptic is a power tool, it has no glitter, it has an old-fashioned find package and installed packages workflow. What more does synaptic offer other than what is available in the software store you can find and fix broken packages with a single click same with missing recommends using it you can clean out often packages you can browse software using a variety of filters such as the category of apps package status origin and a lot more.

All these give you fine control over packages and help you solve package-related issues very easily and snap apps are completely absent from synaptic and that itself is a reason good enough to use synaptic. You can install synaptic by opening a terminal and type the command below

sudo apt install synaptic


VLC is a video player that needs no introduction. VLC is probably the best video layer out there. VLC has been around for a long time, many competitors have come and gone but no one has been able to challenge the sawn-off VLC. VLC is just that good.

Firstly VLC is a very old software with valuable experience. Now talk about the features of VLC, if a media format exists then VLC can play that, not many media players can claim to have this capability.

VLC is a free and open-source project with no spyware, no ads, and user tracking. It is a multi-platform tool available on all major Operating Systems with hardware acceleration enabled, giving you a richer viewing experience. VLC offers both simplicities as well as superior control.

VLC has advanced options like audio, video synchronization, subtitle synchronization, aspect ratio control, and many many more features. Finally, even if you don’t use all these features VLC is a media player that can play all media formats on earth, this makes the VLC media player a must-have application.


Nitro Share is a lightweight ridiculously simple to use software that is capable of transferring files and directories over Ethernet cable and wireless LAN. Nitro Share is a multi-platform application that works on Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android and it allows cross-platform file sharing. This allows us to share files between PC and Phone so easily.

Nitro Share is really easy to use you start the nitro share lines on both the sender and receiver devices and make sure they both are connected to the same network, then you select the files that you need to send and select the receiver done for anyone that needs to send and receive files wirelessly Nitro Share is a must-have because wires are 2018.


Google Chrome might be the world’s most used browser but Linux users, in general, are more privacy-conscious and understand that Chrome browser sends a lot of coastal data over to Google servers and the fact that Chrome is an open-source doesn’t help either so we have a look at Chromium browser today.

Chromium browser can be looked at as the mother of Chrome browser as far as the interface and usage are concerned Chromium is pretty much the same thing Chrome. Chromium 2 uses your Google account to sync your stuff up with your Android device.

Chromium is fast and fully compatible with all the Chrome extensions and provides a great web browsing experience that is similar to what you get on Chrome. Talking about the advantages, Chromium is fully open source and it doesn’t send usage statistics to Google servers the way Chrome does. Data collection is very limited on Chromium browser. So you get the Google ecosystem advantages plus better privacy.

Chromium gets newer features and innovations much before they make it into Chrome browser. You can install chromium from the software store on all the Linux distros.


Whether you need to crop your pics for install or need to retouch the smudge on the wall behind you, Gimp can do it all. Gimp which stands for GNU image manipulation program, is free software that is basically Photoshop for Linux.

Jimp has a number of advanced as well as simple tools that provide a great environment for image editing and image manipulation. What you can do using Jimp is only limited by your own imagination.

There are tons of tutorials and learning resources on the internet that will help you get good with Jimp. Jimp has an active development with feature-packed updates being released very regularly, these updates keep Jimp on the same level as its paid alternatives such as Photoshop. You can download Jimp on the software store.


Mega offers 50GB of free cloud storage per account and it has an official client for Linux. Mega is really straightforward to use with no advertisements and since it provides 50GB even for the free deal. It’s a great backup solution for the important stuff.

Mega conveniently creates a folder called mega sync on your PC anything you put there will be automatically synchronized with the cloud and any other PC that is connected to that account. This can simplify things a lot. If you use multiple computers like at work and at home.

Mega has high security and fast transfer speeds. It is a reliable service with end-to-end encryption implemented out-of-the-box. Mega is a stark choice for personal as well as business use.


Simple Note is a very simple note-taking application with no additional military stuff. Simple Note takes and saves notes and if you have multiple devices then syncs your notes across all devices.

Simple Note is a free and open-source application and there is no premium and paid subscriptions and no ads too. Simple Note is available on Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

Simple Note is very organized with tags available to help you keep things sorted, there is also a quick search to speed things up. Simple Note has pretty good sharing features which makes it a great tool for communication between team project members and family. You can download a simple Note from the link given below.


Steam revolutionized gaming on Linux, before steam gaming on Linux was not really recommendable as of today steam has a huge catalog of games for Linux. Counter-Strike, Rocket League, Team Fortress2, Borderlands are all brought right to your Linux PC true steam.

Steam recently has released a feature called proton, using which you can pretty much play any windows only games like fallout shelter, battlefront2, and more on Linux. Whether you are a hardcore gamer playing seriously or want to play something casual on Linux.

Steam has got you covered and the prices of games are also really good. You can get major games at really low prices on offer days.

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