13th January Current Affairs 2023

1) Who has become the 1st National Sports Federation to enter Metaverse?

A. Indian Polo
B. Rugby India
C. Hockey India


• On 9th January 2023, Hockey India has launched the “Hockeyverse” on their social media platforms.
• With this launch, Hockey India became the first National Sports Federation to enter the world of metaverse.
• The Hockeyverse will provide a new virtual experience which has unique attractions such as a replica of the newly built Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium.

2) ‘Veer Guardian-2023’ is the 1st bilateral air exercise between India and –

A. Japan
B. Indonesia
C. Thailand
D. South Korea


• ‘Veer Guardian-2023’ is the 1st bilateral air exercise between India and Japan.
• ‘Veer Guardian-2023’ exercise has been organised from 12th to 26th January 2023 at the Hyakuri air base and Iruma air base in Japan.
• The aim of the exercise is to strengthen mutual understanding and defence ties between the two air forces.
• The Indian contingent represented by a contingent of around 150 personnel. India’s 1 IL-78 mid-air refuelling and 4 Su-30MKI fighter aircraft will participate in it.

3) 26th National Youth Festival has been organised in –

A. Karnataka
B. Telangana
C. Maharashtra
D. Odisha


• PM Narendra Modi has inaugurated the 26th National Youth Festival in the cities of Hubballi and Dharwad in Karnataka on 12th January. And will be concluded on 16th January 2023.
• Organised by Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports with collaboration with Government of Karnataka.
• The theme of the festival is “Vikasit Yuva, Vikasit Bharat”.
• It is a national festival that aims to provide exposure to our talented youth at the national level, along with galvanising them towards nation building.
• The festival is on the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, to honour and cherish his ideals, teachings and contributions.

4) PM Narendra Modi has virtually inaugurated the two-day Global Investors Summit in –

A. Indore
B. Jaipur
C. Lucknow
D. Chennai


• PM Narendra Modi has virtually inaugurated the twoday Global Investors Summit in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on 11th January 2023.
• The inaugural session of summit was attended by Chandrika Prasad Santokhi (President of Suriname) and Dr Mohammed Irfan Ali (President of Guyana).
• Theme of this 7th edition of Global Investors Summit is ‘Madhya Pradesh – a future-ready state’.
• Environmental protection has been taken care of in this summit that will be completely based on Carbon Neutral and Zero Waste.

5) DRDO has successfully test launch the “Prithvi II” missile on the coast of –

A. Odisha
B. Gujarat
C. Rajasthan
D. Karnataka


• Prithvi-2 was successfully trained on 10 January 2023 from the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur off the Odisha coast.
• Prithvi-II is an indigenously developed surface-tosurface short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) with a range of approximately 250-350 km. and it can carry one ton payload.
• The Prithvi-II class is a single-stage liquid-fueled missile with a payload of 500–1000 kg. has warhead mounting capability.

6) Who has released his memoir titled “Spare”?

A. Kate Middleton
B. Albert Duke
C. Prince Louis
D. Prince Harry


• A member of the British Royal family, Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ has become the ‘fastest-selling’ nonfiction book ever after it was published on January 10.
• As per reports, just on the first day of its release, it has recorded figures of 400,000 copies so far including hardback, ebook and audio formats.
• The book is published by Transworld Publishers Ltd, a division of Penguin Random House.
• The book was written with the assistance of American novelist J.R. Moehringer.
• The book reveals the details of Harry’s relationship with his father, King Charles, his elder brother, Prince William and other members of the royal family.

7) Who has been appointed as the acting Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court?

A. Sanjib Banerjee
B. Tashi Rabstan
C. N. Kotiswar Singh
D. Aparesh Kumar


• The Central government has appointed Justice Nongmeikapam Kotiswar Singh as the acting Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court, effective from January 12.
• He replaced Chief Justice, Rashmin Manharbhai Chhaya, who superannuated on 11 January 2023.
• In May 2022, he was appointed as the Acting Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court.
• While Supreme Court judges retire at the age of 65 years, high court judge retire at 62.

8) ReNew Power has installed India’s first 3x platform wind turbine generators (WTGs) in –

A. Maharashtra
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Kerala
D. Karnataka


• ReNew Power has installed India’s first 3x platform wind turbine generators (WTGs) in Gadag, Karnataka.
• The WTGs have a nameplate capacity of 3.3-3.465 MW and are 128-140m in height.
• Aim: To improve capacity over models installed in India, which typically have a nameplate capacity of 2- 3 MW.
• This project will produce enough energy to power over 1 million households in India annually.

9) Which Indian language is all set to be taught in public schools of Australia?

A. Bengali
B. Kannada
C. Marathi
D. Panjabi


• Punjabi is all set to be the newest language to be taught in public schools of Western Australia.
• The Australian government has decided to include Punjabi language in schools.
• According to the 2021 census, Punjabi is the fastest growing language in Australia, with more than 239,000 people using the language at home.

10) Which is the fastest payment app of India which has been launched recently?

A. RuPay
B. PayRup
C. PesaPay
D. GPay


• India’s fastest payment app PayRup was launched in India on 9th January 2023.
• PayRup is built with the finest technology of web 3.0.
• PayRup provides an advanced digital payment experience with an outstanding user experience.
• PayRup users can pay utility bills and landline bills, recharge their mobile, broadband, DTH, and purchase gift cards.

11) Which state governor has approved 30% reservation in government jobs for Women?

A. Uttarakhand
B. Odisha
C. Rajasthan
D. Himachal Pradesh


• Uttarakhand Governor Lt Gen (Retd) Gurmit Singh has approved a bill providing 30% horizontal reservation for domiciled women citizens of the state in public services and posts.
• The bill, known as the Uttarakhand Public Services (Horizontal Reservation for Women) Bill 2022, was passed by the Uttarakhand assembly during the winter session on November 30.

12) ‘Kumarakom and Beypore’, which were selected under the Swadesh Darshan 2.0 Scheme, are located in which state?

A. Tamil Nadu
B. Kerala
C. Rajasthan
D. Haryana


• Kumarakom in Kottayam and Beypore in Kozhikode from Kerala have been selected for development under the Swadesh Darshan 2.0 Scheme.
• The two places are among 34 other destinations from 19 states and Union Territories selected under the scheme of the Ministry of Tourism.
• Kerala has many places declared under eco circuit, spiritual circuit, rural circuit, as part of the Swadesh Darshan scheme 1.0.

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